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Oddi Printing - James Smolka

Photographer James Smolka
“I already have the advance copies of the book. The paper is nice and bright and the printing is sharp and smooth. I’m very happy. You guys did a great job. Everyone I have showed so far is very impressed and equally excited about how reasonable your prices were. My rep was especially impressed and eager to recommend you as the printer for the rest of his photographers.”

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Environmental policy
Oddi Printing - Ecolabelled Printing CompanyThe Nordic eco-label is the Nordic Countries official ecological label. The Nordic Eco-label is without a doubt the most important and reliable ecological label in the five Nordic countries with a wide spread acknowledgement and trust among consumers.

A product labeled with The Nordic Eco-label is certified to be a quality product which is made according to stringent ecological rules and is therefore environmentally healthier than other comparable products on the market.

Oddi and the Nordic Eco-label
Oddi has been the leading company in environmental issues in the Icelandic printing industry and matters concerning the environment are and have always been a top priority issue at Oddi. Through the years Oddi has strived to minimize its use of raw materials and has replaced volatile compounds and environmentally dangerous chemicals with healthier products whenever possible. The company’s policy is that its customers can be assured that the products they are purchasing are made with as little environmental disturbance as possible.

Oddi’s certification according to The Nordic Eco-label environmental standards is a major factor in assuring that he company will continue to be the environmental leader in the Icelandic printing industry.   

What is being certified?
The main purpose of the certification is to show that our company’s production has a minimum effect on the environment and its products fulfill requirements of quality, usability and environmental precautions. The certification will be for all our production i.e. corrugated products, cardboard products, magazine production, book production and all printed matter. We use raw material approved by The Nordic Eco-label standards so we are allowed to label our entire product with The Nordic Eco-label where it states that the company is environmentally certified.

We are proud of The Nordic Eco-label
We, the company and the employees are proud of having The Nordic Eco-label certification and to be able to use its label on our products. It shows that we have fulfilled the stringent requirements that The Nordic Eco-label system has formulated for companies that want to be a part of the system.

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Oddi Printing - McSweeney’s
Dave Eggers, Editor of McSweeney’s wrote:

“Issue 11 looks fantastic. Thanks for all your work on it. I think it’s the best one yet.”   

“Issue 7 has been chosen by the American Institute of Graphic Arts as one of the top 50 books"

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Oddi  Printing - Customer Quotes

Oddi Printing - London Perceived

David R. Godine, Publisher
"Thank you and the people at the plant for the beautiful job you did on ‘London Perceived'.  Everyone who looks at the book (and many did) was impressed not only by the quality of the duotones and the printing, but the care that obviously went into the folding and the binding as well.  It was, quite simply,
a first-class effort all the way... "

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