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Oddi Printing - James Smolka

Photographer James Smolka
“I already have the advance copies of the book. The paper is nice and bright and the printing is sharp and smooth. I’m very happy. You guys did a great job. Everyone I have showed so far is very impressed and equally excited about how reasonable your prices were. My rep was especially impressed and eager to recommend you as the printer for the rest of his photographers.”

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Printing In Iceland

Book printing in Iceland - Closer than you might think

The printing industry on this North-Atlantic island thrives on Iceland’s literary heritage being rooted in the medieval Sagas. In the hands of the printers and bookbinders at Oddi, your book is special, a labor of love.

Each project begins with a consultation between a US based consultant and a member of your production team to develop a timely, budget-conscious solution. Using overnight services or the Internet, your art is then passed on to an account manager at Oddi who from that point on is devoted to your work and to deliver a perfect end result on schedule.

You do not have to think about shipping, customs and trucking to your location. This is Oddi US team’s responsibility. Usually we ship on surface, 10 days on the water and 4 for customs and delivery, or we can use airfreight, 5 hours in the air and a day for customs and delivery.

And with direct flights from Boston and New York and a flying time of only 5.5 hours coming to us for press checks is a breeze. 



			Printing - Customer Quotes
Oddi Printing - McSweeney’s
Dave Eggers, Editor of McSweeney’s wrote:

“Issue 11 looks fantastic. Thanks for all your work on it. I think it’s the best one yet.”   

“Issue 7 has been chosen by the American Institute of Graphic Arts as one of the top 50 books"

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