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Book Printing

High quality Book Printing for six decades

Prentsmidjan Oddi , our parent company, opened for business in Iceland, in 1943. Since 1990 we have been actively serving the USA market from the subsidiary Oddi Printing Corporation, the marketing and sales arm for Oddi in the US.

At the plant in Reykjavik, the all English-speaking staff is singularly skilled in every area of book printing, catalog printing and magazine printing with a special emphasis on fine art printing. Oddi’s quality printing and capabilities in top rated book manufacturing is outstanding, mastering the latest high technology in prepress, printing and bindery as well as Old-World hand binding techniques.

Whether you are an experienced veteran book publisher or a first time print buyer we make every effort to make the production process a smooth one. Our customer service is hands-on where we try to understand every customers different needs both in production as well as prepress and delivery.

We encourage you to send us an email or call us to discuss your ideas and thoughts and we´ll do our best to make your book production a enjoyable process.

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Oddi Printing - McSweeney’s
Dave Eggers, Editor of McSweeney’s wrote:

“Issue 11 looks fantastic. Thanks for all your work on it. I think it’s the best one yet.”   

“Issue 7 has been chosen by the American Institute of Graphic Arts as one of the top 50 books"

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