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Oddi Printing - The Manual

The Manual

Published by Fiction
Smythe sewn hardcover with exposed front/back boards
Brillianta cloth on spine
Foilstamping on boards
Printed 2/2 on 130 gr Munken Pure
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Oddi Printing - Inventory


Published by Princeton
- Department of Domparative Literature

Size 148 mm x 210 mm
128 pages
Printed on 120 gr Nopaset uncoated
Cover 250 gr Artic Volume
Smythe sewn “open spine” binding - 2 x 4 page covers
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Oddi Printing - Dossier Magazine

Dossier Magazine

Size 9” x 11.8”
148 pages
Printed 4/4 on 115 gr UPM Finesse Silk
Cover 4/4 on 300 gr UPM Finesse Silk
Perfect bound
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Oddi Printing - Annalemma Journal

Annalemma Journal

Size 6.625” x 9.25”
144 pages
Printed in 4 color on uncoated Nopaset 100 gr
Softcover printed on 250 gr UPM Finesse silk 4/4
Cover matt laminated
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Oddi Printing - Consumption Junction
Oddi Printing - Revolution

Consumption Junction

Published by Columbus College of Art & Design Series of catalogues published in conjuction with various exhibitions
Size 5” x 8.25” various page numbers
Printed in 4 colour on 100 gr UPM Nopaset uncoated
Cover on 250 gr UPM Finesse silk.
Periodicals Journals
Oddi Printing - Pidgen No Seven

Pidgen No Seven

Published by Princeton Univerity School of Architecture 2009

Size 4.5” x 6.5”
Pages 256 in one colour
Printed on 120 gr Munken Polar
Double gatefold cover printed double hit black with folio on 240 gr Munken Polar
Periodicals Fashion
Oddi Printing - The News

The News

Published by The News Inc, New York 2002

Promotional material for fashion design showroom.

Size 11.5” x 16.9”
Cover and text in 4 color on 60 grsm Newsprint.

Periodicals Fashion
Oddi Printing - Erica Tanov

Erica Tanov

Published by Erica Tanov as artist’s promotion, Designed by Sarah Caplan, MPH Design

Size 7” x 8.5”
Cover and text in 4 color with spot varnish on 170 grsm Silk MediaPrint.

Periodicals Magazines
Oddi Printing - Atlantica


Published in Reykjavik Iceland for Icelandair by Iceland Review, a division of Heimur Inc.

Size 8.27" x 10.83”
Text in 4 color on 90 grsm Terrapress gloss.
Cover in 5/4 color with UV varnish on 200 grsm Gloss Mediaprint
Periodicals Magazines
Oddi Printing - Icelandic Geographic

Icelandic Geographic

Published by Islandskynning Ltd.


Periodicals Magazines
Oddi Printing - Scandinavian Review

Scandinavian Review

Published 3 times a year by The American-Scandinavian Foundation, New York.

Size 6” x 9”

Text in 4 color on 100 grsm Silk MediaPrint. Cover in 4 color on 200 grsm Silk MediaPrint.

Periodicals Magazines
Oddi Printing - Reflex Magazine

Reflex Magazine

Published by Reflex Publications, 2003
Various contributing artists.

Size 6.25” x 6.25”
Text in 4 color on 150 grsm Silk MediaPrint. Cover in 4 color on 300 grsm Silk MediaPrint with matte film lamination.

Periodicals Magazines
Oddi Printing - In Magazine

In Magazine

Published by Ken Miller and Shu Hung, New York
Various contributing artists and writers.

Size 5” x 5”
Text in 4 color on 135 grsm Silk MediaPrint. Cover in 4 color plus matte film lamination on 250 grsm Silk MediaPrint.

Periodicals Journals
Oddi Printing - Cooperation South

Cooperation South

Published twice a year by the Special Unit for Technical Cooperation among Developing Countries, United Nations Development Programme, New York.

Size 6” x 9”
Text in 1 color on 90 grsm Munken Paper. Cover in 4 color on 250 grsm Gallery Art Gloss. Printed in English, Spanish and French versions.
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Oddi Printing - Black Clock

Black Clock

Published by California Institute of the Arts, School of Critical Studies, MFA Writing Program, 2004
Various Authors

Size 8” x 11”
Text in 2 color on 120 grsm Nopaset Offset.
Cover in 4 color with matte lamination on 240 grsm Invercote Creato
Periodicals Journals
Oddi Printing - Collector's Journal

Collector's Journal

Published by The Little Bookroom, New York
First Edition 2002 / ISBN: 1-892145-22-7
Design: Louise Fili Ltd.

Size 10.43” x 8.5”
Text in black on 120 grsm Book Design Smooth.
Brillianta cloth on spine and corners,  Book Design paper printed in 4 color over boards. Foil stamp on spine, printed label on cover. Head and tailbands.
Periodicals Journals
Oddi Printing - McSweeney's 8

McSweeney's 8

McSweeney's Publishing, 2002

Size 6.5" x 9.2"
Text in 1-4 color on 100 grsm Book Design 1.5.
Ends in 1 color and varnish on 120 grsm Book Design Smooth. Paper over boards in 3 color and varnish on 120 grsm Book Design. Brillianta cloth on spine, 1 color offset printing. Foil stamping in 1 color on front and back cover.
-  Foldout, 4 color and varnish on 150 grsm Silk Mediaprint. Embossing on front cover.

Periodicals Journals
Oddi Printing - Omnivore

Omnivore - A Journal of Writing and Visual Culture

Published by Omnivore

Size 7.5" x 10" upright.
Text in 4 color on 150 grsm Silk Mediaprint.
Cover in 4 color and matte lamination on 230 grsm Ensocoat

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